Cache memory in dual-core processors

Will laptops still need cache memory in their dual-cores proccesors?

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are you talking about cache memory as part of the cpu (level 1 and/or 2)?

the amount of cores inside the cpu don't affect the need of this type of memory, which is used to temporarly store instruction and data for the cpu.

it also has nothing to do with laptop or desktop computers.

any other type of cache memory, like in ur browser, or the swap file of windows, also has nothing to do with the amount of cores and the type of computer u have.

it will help to have more system memory (AKA ram), but it also won't totally replace the use of cache memory, of any of those types.


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 Intel dual-core processors is divided evenly between the two cores -- meaning the cache isn't shared globally -- that also means that there is less cache memory for each processor. The Athlon 64 X2 and the Intel Pentium D both have 2MB of cache memory, so each core gets 1MB.

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