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Do c9t11 pills really work? I was looking through the c9t11 site and the gains it claims just sound ironic. 20 lbs of muscle in just 30days? Yeah, right. Would you please clear this doubt for me?

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Any pill that claims to add 20 pounds of muscle in one month is totally bogus. You don't need to be a genius to figure that one out. If you're looking to gain muscle, try going to the gym and hiring a trainer. That's the best and most productive way to get what you want, not some easy-quick fix that is a total scam.

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ive been taking c9-t11 for almoust 2 months now and for me it has worked...not quite like the add says but it does ive lost 5in around my waist and gained almoust 2in on my arms i cant realy coment on the 20lbs weight gain cause im just now starting to level out but if u wanna try this product you wont be waisting ur time!!!

well, this product is really work for me dude. I been taking it for 6 weeks, and I gained 24 pounds already. However, when I took it at the first week. My whole body felt so tired, and I eat twice as much as I usually do. But its getting family in the 2nd week and so on. I took creatine before, and creatine is just a f**king product that waste my money. But C9T11 is DIFFERENT, it help me jump from 162 pounds to 186 pounds in 6 weeks. More importantly, all the pounds I gained are muscle. I don't even have to train in the gym much like I did before, but my muscle is keep growing, growing, and growing. This product is also cheap, I'm sure you won't be disappoint if you try it.

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