Where can i buy hells angels jacket patches ?

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You cant! First of all only someone whos gone through probate as a prospect gets patched in....And trust me they know if you have or not....Second of all anyone with a tenth of a brain wouldnt be alive long enuff to spend the money proffited from making or selling a fake or real hells angels vest with authentic patch....The angels have a copyrite on the rockers and patches and only one company makes them exclusively for them and them alone....Finaly if you did manage to come across a counterfiet jacket you would be quickly id'd by the angels and probably end up dead or missing.......Not to....You want to wear the death head...I suggest you find a hells angel...And ask how you can become a member..The one and only way.....And if you survive the probate period as a prospect which is grueling..And if you find an angel who thinks you are worthy then you can have the patch til then....You cant.

Anyone can buy HA patches from the various HA websites (ie: http://www.hells-angels.com/?HA=support).
HA logos and insignia are covered by international copyright and are used as one source of revenue to support their various activities; ride-outs, etc.
As such, they are referred to as 'Support Patches'.

Be aware though that some support patches are chapter specific and other chapters may not be too cordial and happy to greet you, if they see you wearing certain insignia on their turf.

To become a member of the Hells Angels involves completing a probationary period with strict conditions attached.
Wearing a genuine full-member patch when you are not a genuine member is restricted to those people who aren't especially keen on the limbs they were born with.
We should be grateful to those people for removing themselves from the gene pool.

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