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Where can i buy eight ballz glass cleaner?

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You can make your own active ingredient that is in the fake glasscleaner by extracting it from the inside of banana peels. I SHIT U NOT! You can do your own research on the drug its self but, you need 800-900l (thats litres) of Denatured alcohol just for the initial wash after the main separtion via simple manic reaction. The DA cost me $686.06 plus a $75 hazmat surcharge. Yield was well worth it though. Eight Ballz Ultra Premium Glass Cleaner 500mg vials only contain 11.2-13.1mgs of raw active material which is a nice even mixtuer. But never the less the raw material can be exracted at well under .05eu per mg. post your results here and ill give you feedback. The only part that is hard is removing the DA subsrate mix from a 100C oven. That takes practice.   

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