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Where to buy full moon dog treats?

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I bought my Full Moon Dog Treats at Petco because the package says that they are made in the USA. This was after finding out that dogs were dieing from eating China made chicken treats. Unfortunately, I found out that one of the ingredients in these treats is GARLIC POWDER- According to the Reference: American Veterinary Medical Association Journals- GARLIC IS BAD FOR DOGS. So why do you put garlic powder in your Full Moon Kitchen Crafted Natural Dog Treats: Chicken Meatballs?? “Veterinarians conducting the study concluded that garlic has the potential to cause hemolytic anemia and that food containing garlic should not be given to dogs.” http://suite101.com/article/is-garlic-good-or-bad-for-dogs-a192130 I question whether anything we feed ourselves or our pets is safe anymore. Read the labels people and talk to your vet about what not to feed your pets.

I work for Full Moon and we take a great amount of pride in making our treats from the best ingredients available using 100% USA sourced, human grade ingredients like USDA approved farm raised US chicken. Our all natural recipes are formulated by veterinary nutritionists and made in one of our kitchens here in the US.   We use all natural recipes and do not use fillers like corn, wheat, or soy or any artificial preservatives.  Look for our whole range of products at Walmart.   

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