Never buy guild wars 2 gold from sellers,but want to have a try,tell me a good sellers?

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How long does it take in Guild Wars to be able to form a party that's

If you mean, where in the campaign can you get six players? That starts in Yak's Bend in the Northern Shiverpeaks. From that point forward towns allow you to build a party of six. (But NOT towns before Yak's Bend, they still only offer 4!) The Ancient Temple, near Lion's Arch, allows the maximum ...

Which site do you consider the Best Guild Wars 2 Gold seller?

javascript:mctmp(0); would be your best choice , you will find the Cheap Swtor Credits there, have a nice one

WoW or Guild Wars?

go to play GW2,it is fun. u may visit this site( share u this code(allcdkey99016) to get 6% discount for all games purchase!

I want buy wow gold from sellers,who can tell me a good site?, it is a good site that sell cheap wow gold,hope can help you