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What are the most challenges that businesses face in continually changing technology and what is management's role in addressing these challenges

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biggest challenge:  that their product or the technology they utilize in the business will become obsolete or not up to par with competitiors.

management challenge: to evaluate new technology and weigh the cost of upgrading to new technology to the additional production or sales (revenue) that can be obtained by updating to the latest technology and anticipating those technological changes and setting aside or reserving funds estimated to be needed from time to time to do needed technological updating.

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Investing in Human Capital is the most rewarding activity; free-market utilization of Human Capital is the least expensive path to success. Don't whine about problems without thinking of a free-market, economically rational, and socially pragmatic solution.

Wake -UP )(P-U in the Dream. What challenges business today is what are we building and what is it for? High tech. in finance is the issue-too much in the hands of too few by way of so called scientific advances that rob the working class of the means to participate.

The only business we are feeding is our O.W.N. demise. WAR!!!

B.HO. 4 the New World Odor

Smells of the same old S.H.I.T.

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For those who have wondered Could there be another way, PRIMAL DREAM SEIZE the MIRROR it just could be the other way. Peace L.C. Walkin aka A. Eversole

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