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How to build a cat exercise wheel?

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There are several approaches you can take.

There are 3 major components. The base, the drum, and the bearings.

You can make a base from wood (2x4s and plywood) or use a "Found" base, like an old stationary bike, or have one welded together for you. The major concern is that it be heavy enough to stabilize the wheel.

The drum can be made from plywood or can be a large plastic drum from a feed supply store or building materials store. If you make a plywood or masonite backing, you can create the rim with bendable plywood, or Sonotube masonry form. I suggest you make your wheel 42 to 48 inches so as not to put strain on your kitty's spine, and to enable them to run, as well as walk. The smaller wheels are somewhat cramped and confining...

The bearings can be bought on e-bay or Craigslist, or a local bearing shop. They will be somewhat pricey, because you want a self-aligning bearing, to handle the distribution of the weight on one side of your axle.

Study the various YouTube cat wheel videos, and sketch out your plans, then start hunting for parts. Expect to spend about $100-$150 to make a decent one. That's about half of what the plastic, manufactured ones sell for (NOT including about $100 shipping!).

Best of sucess to you!


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