Bugs in my compost bin!!

I compost in a rubbermaid trash bin w/ holes drilled all in it. ok, so my problem is that lately (since someone added a lot of huge pieces of fruit to it, including whole grapes!!!) i have gotten ants in it. also i have a couple big roaches and since the beginning i have had these larvae type wormy bugs in there that are growing. my compost is doing great! the bottom is turning but it is very damp. what i am getting is not really like the compost you buy (dry, dark soil like). mine is dark and thick and almost looks like mud. i don't add water to it very often. only every few weeks or so if it needs it. i add green and brown things. also i add straw when i've added a lot of fruit/veggie scraps.

so, in closing, i guess my question is, are the bugs normal? if not, is there any way to get rid of them? and is my compost still usable now or have i just wasted all the time and effort put into it? also, is the texture of it okay?

thanks for any responses. i know that was lengthy, but i am new to gardening, composting, and recycling!THANKS!!

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I read another answer that I think may help answer your question. I've pasted the link below. I hope it helps.


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Composting in a rubbermaid container without adding worms, is not recommended. It will end up being a stinky mess. Compost needs air to decompose. Bugs are normal in any bin, to answer your question.

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