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BTA fees, 'basic tax allowance' charged and refundable??

What is a 'bta' fee that is charged for some travelers leaving the country of Africa? It is said to be refundable, is this true?

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Well before you do anything there is no such thing as a BTA fee. If you know someone in Nigeria you are being scammed.  This fee if you pay will haunt you for the rest of your life. Once they get this fee they will back out of coming to you. then it will start all over again. asking for more money. I have been down this road, beleiving whom this person was and never got anyting but a blank bank account. So please anyone listening to this stop sending your good hard earned cash to something or someone that isn't going to come and visit of live with you. This is all a big scam.  If any one wants to start up a listing of names to keep away from get back to me at novavans@aol.com.  thanks  Hope that this did shed some light on your question. 

for those of you seeing this for the first time i will warn you that if you sent or planning on sending any money to Nigeria or anyone asking for this fee you are being scammed. Do not send anything to any one. It will hurt your pocket book in the end and you will not see this so called person ever. They are there too take and not give you anything in return. Love on the internet is becoming a international way of cheating the ones that are really looking for someone.  So please stop and think of what you are doing by sending this crazy fee. If you need more information on this fee call the airlines that they are traveling on. You will hear everything that i have told you too be true.  If you have anyone that you would like listed on this site i am putting together a list of names that you need to stay away from. As for getting your money back forget it. Who will you contact. The Nigeria govenment is also into this so you can't trust them at all. if you want to contact me i have listed my email address in last posting.

And it's not just Nigeria. I have someone in the UK trying it with me. Sounded like crap and per what I've found here they won't see another penny. Thanks to tumbleweed and those victims brave enough to ask.

hi i know this women for 4 months she said she need the bta to leave nigeria to come home to me in ireland she told me she love me and want to be with me and i did not hear from her .i did send her the money and i am bloody hurt now please help me ,i need the list of this bloody scammer so i can get the police on to them and stop this sick people from hurting someone else,i not go to give my name i just want know what to do  i know i will not see the money again and that women again i just want answer please.thank you

Sorry it too you this long to figure out what has happened. I feel for you since i too have been down that same road before. You should have done some reseach on the bta fees. Even contacted the airlines that you she was suppose to be on. But here is the kicker. Most of these scammers are not woman just men posing as woman. there is nothing you can do but post here email address here and her name and maybe this will help the next person. But to contact the police or the government there in Nigeria is not going to help you. Since they are also doing the same thing. I received money from the goverment to cover some of my expenses only to find out that the money orders were stolen here in the USA and i had to repay all the fees for bounce checks. YOU CAN'T WIN AT THIS. EVERYONE IS A LOSER.  That is why i posted this here to warn some people about what is going on. You can look at www.pleantyoffish.com and see if you can find someone there. But stay away from FLing.com  Bad site and alot of scammers there. Yoiu should also check out local areas where woman and men meet for soicals. Church, bars, but not the internet. I hope this helps you but beware of the BTA fees, they don't exist.  Send me her name and email and i will post. Also Its easy to change a email and a name so taking this any further will cause you more pain. Just take your lost and move on. Hope that this helps some. Lew

hello well right now i have some one claming they have a BTA fee that they need money for i wonder how to get a sting on it to see how real this person is they gave me a name of the person that will pick the money through a western union but the amount they want they need an id to pick it up hmmm im woundering what all they said to you all and if you remeber any thing what they said to you all we should compair notes my face book name is Daniel A Hammel look me up so we cab talk more Thank you and have a good day


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