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My bruise tured to a hard bump and it won't go away

I got kneed in my leg right below my knee or around there during a soccer game. The actual bruise color and bump stayed there for about a week and a half and then the color went away. The swollen bump area did not. Now the swollen bump are is just a large hard bump on my leg and it won't go away. It has been there for about a week to a week in a half. If anyone knows why it won't go away please respond to this. Thank you!


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Im sorry that i cant help you but i can tell you that i have the same thing with me. My ankle got a bruise and now it is just a bump and its been there for about 2 to 3 months for me. My friend has the same thing on his hand and he told me it was a muscle that didnt heal and you might have to get it remove because it may become cancerous. This may not be true but i still suggest that we both go to our doctors as soon as possible just in case:)

You might want to get checked out for a blood clot.

i have the exact same symptom in the same location. got hit by a ski just below my knee...swelling went down and brusing went away ad now left with a bump that is painful to the touch.

me too, i fell off my scooter about 2 months ago, and the bruise has gone right below the knee but the lump is still there and hard. there is still a little pain in certain places but i cant figure out why it wont go away.

Hello. I had this happen last year. I had a pretty good bruise on my leg and ignored it. Two weeks later it was itchy and hot to the touch, and yes, hard. Who knew, but a bruise can become infected. My skin never cut open, so infection was not even on my radar... But, the bruise was deep and the blood became trapped and could not be carried away. That is the part that was hard in my bruise. The doctor gave me meds for the infection and a ice pack /heating pad instruction... Get it checked out because if you have an infection due to bacteria from the trapped blood it will not get better on it's own... Good luck!!!!!!

I don't have an answer to your question either, but I am having a similar problem. I dropped some cardboard boxes (they were still flat) on the top of my left foot as I was taking them out of the car. I felt a sharp pain and later the area looked discolored (black and blue) but it didn't look that bad. Nothing appeared to be broken. The discoloration has gone away but there is still a hard lump on the top of my foot. I'm starting to get worried. The lump doesn't move when I press on it. I too am wondering if I should see a doctor to have it X-rayed. It has been there for a couple of weeks.

My daughter fell upon my calf just to the right of my knee and there is a huge bruise there.  I iced the first week.  It has been 1.5 weeks and the bruise has faded but I have a hard lump the size of 1/2 a baseball on my calf.  I did get tested for blot clots and have none.  My doctor said signs of infection would be red "streaks" coming out of the bruise into other areas.  (don't have any).  I'm to call the doctor at the end of this week (week 2) to give an update.  I'll post what happens next.

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