should Christianity have more unity, instead of pointing fingers at each other saying "I am a better Christian...?

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I think all religions have plenty of room for change, and yes, Christianity as well.  A person's religious beliefs are so very personal and run so deep, that most of us find it difficult to be accepting and even complimentary of an other's faith, but we all could use some lessons in simple "love thy neighbor" philosophy.  Why so many of us seem to frown at tolerance is, I believe, because we operate from a place of fear.  Fear of getting tainted by the "other."  Fear of losing what we have or becoming contaminated in some way if we tolerate an other's political or religious beliefs.     We all need to learn to  live more out of a sense of love than loss, and more out of faith than fear. 

Dear Njoy;

Thank you! Just the answer I was looking for. Mother taught me to never be intolerant, as this violates our Faith, and lowers me to their level. Instead, to when I can, be patient.

Love of All.



Mother taught me to treat others as I would like to be treated. But she also taught me not to be anyone's doormat and to stick up for my beliefs. So, when anyone posts any anti semitic nonsense on here, they will be hearing from Mr. Yaakov.

Good to see you on here again, Yechiel. Shalom.

Thank you for reporting all anti-semitic posts Mr. Yaakov, I am not Jewish, but I report all of those remarks as well.  All hate filled posts that are directed at Atheists; Muslims; Jews; Christians....and all racial and misogynist remarks.  Everything offensive and vulgar as well.  I applaud you for you efforts in this regard as well.

I'd really love to see all the Christian sects get together and have genuine brotherhood. The single thing that prevents this is that most of those sects, looking at what are really minor differences, have this huge arrogant attitude that 'we're right and you're wrong and you're all going to hell because you don't worship Jesus they way we do.' It really is pure ego, and I find it terribly silly. We Pagans have several different sects with differences in belief as well. But we have no animosity toward members of the different sects. We'll happily worship together, observe the same holy days together, with no attitude that we're right and they're wrong. To me, this attitude among many Christians is completely opposite to what the Bible teaches.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

Ironically,there is one very sick multi screen named poster here who preaches hate on a daily basis while hiding behind the bible. Hypocrites who pretend to be "good Christians" while preaching bigotry and intolerance are the lowest form of life on Earth.

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