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My 7-month old is coughing and wheezing and has a runny nose. Are there any home remedies I can do to help her breath easier?

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Truthfully, it doesn't sound like a good idea to mess around with natural remedies with your 7-month-old.  It sounds like you really need to take your baby to the doctor.  Wheezing can be very dangerous, especially in a very young child.  The lungs are still developing and children are very sensitive.  Maybe there are some nice home-remedies in addition to some antibiotics that would help the coughing/wheezing, but first, you need to take care of the immediate health concerns of your baby.

If you will it... it is no dream

Honey for the throat and a vaporizer in the room with methol.

Take 1/2 glass of honey (I am not sure at what age babies can start eating honey) and put in it pieces of onion and garlic. Let it stand for 3 -4 hours and give to the baby 1 spoon every 2 house

Savez lui-même

Doctors recommend not to give honey to babies under 1 year of age. However you can try steam bath. It does help to open nose and respiratory system. Just turn on shower n let the steam accumulate in bathroom. Then bring in baby( outside shower), and stand with baby for few min. Consult with your doctor also.

NEVER give your baby Honey under the age of 1, it can cause Botulism...Please don't do this!  Your baby could get really sick and possibly die!

Do not give your baby honey.  Unlike adults digestive systems, babies digestive tracts are not fully developed before their first year and are more suseptible to bacteria.  Botulism can occur in your child if given honey before the age of one.  This can make your baby seriously ill and can even cause death in an infant.  Consult your health care professional before doing anything anyone suggests whom is not a medical professional.

The following article about repeated coughing may help it also has links about asthma and how to help your child breath better if your child has that or just bad breathing, good luck.

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