Broken or Bruised Nose.

how do i tell if my nose is broken? i got hit in gym class and my glasses went into my nose then i got elbowed in the nose. my nose didnt bleed but it is swolen and alittle black and blue.

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Please answer as soon as possible with your thought as if it is broken or just bruised.

If you don't know and can't do you expect us to?  Go to the doctor or ER and find out!

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Is your nose crooked? If it is, then it is broken.

Is one side of your nose totally plugged up for nours and hours? This could be a sign of a fracture.


Do you want to get your nose set? If not, don't bother about going to the ER. Because if you go, it will cost close to four figures and they will tell you that you need something that you will refuse. I believe that you can think of betters ways of spending $1000.00.

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If the nose is way off to one side it probably was broken, if it is severely flattened and depressed it is probably broken, and if the bones move it is broken. However if the nose is generally swollen and basically in the middle it is hard to tell. Even x-rays can be deceptive at this time

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