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Can you bring sm umbrella/who is on 1st...Joe Cocker or Huey Lewis? Thx

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2nd stand alone placed on property i have the 1st.

In order to have a second mortgage of anykind, you would have had to have signed some kind of papers for it to be legal. I would definately check in to this right away. Go to the clerk of courts office and get a copy of what was filed. If the paper does not look familiar and your signature is not ...

To what extent do you agree with placing limits on the 1st amendment

Leftists have always been about genocide, no questions asked. If it gets in the way of genocide, all leftists are wild with hate against it and must always publish idiotic lies -- that they know are idiotic lies. That is why no one respects leftists or their ridiculous brain dead propaganda.

Quality umbrellas

Hi Ray, maybe you should try the umbrella products here . You have a lot of choices to choose from. Maybe this might help you get a good quality of umbrellas.

I bought an umbrella for my patio set and it has a pulley, how do I make

Hi Jackie ...you could visit here to answer your questions related on patio umbrellas.