BrightSource Energy Stock Symbol

How do I invest in BrightSource Energy?  Is it part of another company and if so what is the stock symbol

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We are a trading corporation formed by a group of highly experienced traders who have worked at companies like Merrill Lynch, Barclay’s and a Houston based energy trading fund. We are extremely profitable traders and people who choose to work with us also do extremely well. We have plenty of strategies that work and are applied everyday for our own trading.

You will be given access to company capital and you will be able to execute your own ideas. You will have freedom to do your own research and execute your own trading ideas.

1. Have a strong ability to follow rules
2. Be a quick learner (you should absorb the strategies and sort through data fast)
3. Be a good communicator (we succeed because our traders communicate ideas)
4. Have patience

1. Traders are given access to capital depending on understanding level (determined by manager)
2. Traders who possess the above requirements are able to make more than $125k their first year.

You will learn our strategies and apply them to your own trading. To get you started, our traders will sit with you during market hours and guide you as you make profitable trades. Basically before you make a trade, our traders will tell you whether it’s a right move or not. This is why our traders succeed. You always have access to our experience. You can spend hours upon hours with us during the marker hours making real trades.

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