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VERY bright star? in the NORTHWESTERN sky

What is the incredibly bright star(?) flickering (red, blue, white) in the northwestern sky.  I'm in Minnesota, the star? is very low in the NW sky, (mostly west) and it is August 26th.  I can no longer see it but it was there for at least 40 minutes.

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I think its the end of the world The central american ancient indians calender ends in 2012 They are the only culture to have an ending calender. Its almost identical to ours. They worshipped the dragon or serpent as did all cultures at one time. Thats how they learned to build pyramids like the egyptians. They offered human sacrifices to the serpent until the eclipse came and the blood thirst was over. More souls to rack up for him. The more he gets the happier he is, thus the reason for human sacrifice for all our ancient peoples who practiced this art. They were told to do so. So now comes the time for peace on earth once the arab race is silenced. When their oil is gone we can have peace. The extreme islamic religious factors will not have the funds to spread their views and if they have nuclear weapons or wmds then they will be silenced at last . Thats why gas is so expensive and everybody in the world is buying arab oil. We have to drain the wells to get peace on earth. The so called Jehovah that the Jews are waiting for will arrive. He will proclaim to be the son of God but in reality he is an abomination. He has finally been able to change his image to look like us in Human Form. Maybe that is him and his host in the Northwest skies. I dont know but things are really gettin weird and I cant wait to check out of here. When will man wake up and realize that this is no accident and you are born with instincts like animals. Our instincts we refuse to admit to and we deny them. We all think deep inside somewhere that there is a God. Stop denying it. If there is no God then there is no purpose for this earth to even exist. All we are doing is breeding more insanity and it will never end. We are creating more hurt more crime more destruction mass starvation over population. We work for a higher power and then die and most of us here on earth do not get to enjoy the real beauty she has to offer anyway. We cant govern ourselves fairly. Money is the most addicting drug of all. It creates insanity among our most wealthy here on earth. Just wake up people. Your time here is short. Dont live for today

What is that bright star in the sky?? Was not there when i was little. They say it is the space Station but the space station moves. So why won't they just tell us what it is. You no it gets bigger every year and brighter!! If it is going to hit us in 2012, when will they tell us so we can get prepared.

If you have a light in the sky that is blinking white and red, it is an airplane.  0r possibly a blimp, which moves slower.

I know the star you are talking about. I have been tracking this "star" for the past 10 years. It started out in the east and would rise around 3 am. I was dimmer then but increased in brightness over the next 5 years until it was the very brightest star I had ever seen. It started rising higher about 4 years ago until it was almost up at a 60 degree rise at 3 am. A few years ago I lost track of it and then it started showing up in the western sky just at sundown about 40 degrees north of due west. I believe is is beginning to dim just a bit. I also believe it to not be a star but a exo-planet that has passed through our solar system and we were not told about it in order to keep people from panicking. Don't know how true this is but it is what I believe.

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