Adult Breastfeeding, And By the way For "Indiasmummy", its not creepy. Such type of attitude, caused women Breast Canser common today as well as Ovarion Cancer and Bones problem. If the breasts are to produce milk, den whts wrong either Kids feed or Husband/bf. Milk is Milk and it should be consumed. Better den the Cow and Goat Milk. As every milk has got its Benefits. The nutrients found in Human Milk is different from other mamals milk. Every mamals milk is better benefical to the relative mamal. Hope u got my point.

Let me tell you why some women call it Gross, coz they don't want to take such responsibility,as they will get bound to dis duty. otherwise, dere is no problem.


If for a second, if u think the benefits of you milk for your family, i think you will agree with the point

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