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How do I start to produce milk for adult breastfeeding

How do I start to produce milk for adult breastfeeding


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Carry on Feeding on regular basis daily. You may be able in your try


Better Luck

There're  really two ways for you  to produce breast milk. Have a baby. Of course if u do not have humongus breasts you'd not produce enoguh milk even for your baby. U'll have to feed him formula and breast feed your adult friend or hubby. The second way is to take lactation pills. I've never purcyased them. But I know they exist Ask yur pharmacist. u might ned a prescription. And learn to get your breasts ready for breast feeding. This means you have to get your breasts to start dripping by dipping your breasts in hot or warm water and massaging the nipples and the breast portion below your nipple.

  think I've given you enough information. I hope you are an adult over 18 years old. I hope Yedda keeps kids out  of the site.

when my husband and i decided that his was what we both wanted (it takes huge commitment for both partners) i was 45 and he was 47. we both took two weeks off from work, and started with him suckiling me around the clock every 2 hours for 15 minutes on each breast. within a week i noticed a change in my breast, and my nipples began to fill out and become pretty lush, but no milk. we were anxious as i've never been pregnant, so i consulted with an obgyn. she recommended a shot ( and i apologize i don't remember what it was), some herbs and the usual bowl of oatmeal twice a day. after our two week vacation ended, before we got up in the morning, he would suckle me for at least and hour, we would meet home at lunch time for a quick 30 minute suckle, upon arriving at home another hour, and then he would suckle himself to sleep. as i said, this is a huge commitment for both parties. finally after 6 weeks, the first glorious drop of liquid came. the excitement was unbelievable! after two more weeks, my breast were full, and my husband had his first full meal...enough milk that he didn't want breakfast, and felt satisfied until lunch.

it has been 10 years now. we suckle every morning still for an hour. we meet at home at least twice a week for "lunch" and then after dinner while we watch tv or read he suckles. this is usally for about 2 hours.

i will say, my husband and i have a very intimate, close, and loving relationship. there is nothing we can't share or talk about. we both have made the commitment that if either person is feeling a bit ornery, we lie down in our "nursery" ( a room set up with a special bed, pillow, with soothing music available) and we nurse for at least 1/2 hour. you'd be surprised how easy it is to drop any defense and come to a happy compromise after this type of bonding. my husband worships me as i now live my life to please him. it is so very satisfying for both of us. you are about to embark on the most wonderful adventure ever. just keep the "gold ring" in mind, and be patient with your body.

That's discusting tbh, I am a breastfeeding mother and the thought of that is awful! Breastmilk can help people when they're ill however there is always expressing! I'm sorry but I just can't believe what i've just read, I think it's quite sick ..

adult breastfeeding

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Adult Breastfeeding, And By the way For "Indiasmummy", its not creepy. Such type of attitude, caused women Breast Canser common today as well as Ovarion Cancer and Bones problem. If the breasts are to produce milk, den whts wrong either Kids feed or Husband/bf. Milk is Milk and it should be consumed. Better den the Cow and Goat Milk. As every milk has got its Benefits. The nutrients found in Human Milk is different from other mamals milk. Every mamals milk is better benefical to the relative mamal. Hope u got my point.

Let me tell you why some women call it Gross, coz they don't want to take such responsibility,as they will get bound to dis duty. otherwise, dere is no problem.


If for a second, if u think the benefits of you milk for your family, i think you will agree with the point

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