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What is the breast cancer society in Mesa

Can you tell me anything about a business called The Breast Cancer Society? The address  listed is 10506 E Obispo Ave, Mesa, Arizona. I pledged money to them over the phone but can't find any information on them. Thank you for anything you can tell me.              Karen Kingsley


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Hi Karen,

The Breast Cancer Society, Inc. is headquartered in Mesa, Arizona.  The organization's web site is:  www.BreastCancerSociety.Org

They began operations January of this year.  They solicit donations and help women with breast cancer (and their families) on a national basis.  They are tax exempt.  Their Federal EIN is: 26-0237089.

Many women are single mothers and primary bread-winners.  When fighting breast cancer, these women are often forced to quit work while undergoing the rigors of treatment. The Breast Cancer Society's main focus is to assist women financially with monthly assistance grants as they battle breast cancer to help pay for bare necessities, child care, and so on.

The organization relies on public support mainly through tele-fundraising, vehicle donations, direct mail marketing, corporate grants, etc.

My husband pledged a donation over the phone to The Breast Cancer Society. The invoice we received in the mail requested that we return it to 2701 University Ave, Madison, Wisconsin to the Gift Processing Center.  Is that a legitimate address for their organization for the Upper Midwest (MN, etc.)?  Thanks!  Faith 

That address is actually for a donation processing center used by The Breast Cancer Society, Inc. Donations received from a tele-fundraising program sometimes go there. Of course, they can also be sent to the headquarters in Mesa, Arizona (see address on web site) if you want to make sure they get to the right place... however that might slow down the donation getting processed and posted correctly... I'm not sure.

A telemarketer called from this "society" and made verbal attacks about us "not caring about breast cancer patients" and not understanding that breast cancer effects people in other counties.  When asked to remove us from the mailing list, we were HUNG UP on.  Does NOT appear to be a very friendly if even legitimate society...website...www.breastcancersociety.com.  Phone # 800-600-9030 was the information given.  Complaints on telemarketing refusal to remove from their list can be made to: https://www.donotcall.gov/

I received a call and mailing.  The Corporate address is a residence and their financial report to The state of CO indicates over 97% of income goes to expenses.   http://www.sos.state.co.us/ccsa/CoHistoryResultSet.do?ceId=32662

Draw your own conclusions!    Richard

For the convenience of anyone reading this, if you receive a call from our organization (The Breast Cancer Society) of this type of rude and unprofessional nature, please inform us immediately so that we may take proper action and terminate the caller.  We, our supporters, and the patients we help, certainly want to work hard to have only the best and most professional individuals to represent our organization.

Richard, Yes!  You are correct on both accounts, but I'm glad to say that both have very good explinations...  1) The Breast Cancer Society has operated from a residential area this past year in an effort to reduce overhead cost by several thousand dollars a month - which we have been able to pass on to helping our patients.  However, due to concerns of this nature we have decided to move back into commercial property.  It will hurt our patients but help our public perception, which is so important in this work.    2) The 97% administration reported for 2007 with Colorado represented about $1,400 of total expense.  It was our first year of operation and everything we had to report was only the overhead cost of registering with the states (CO being one of those).  2008 is our first full year of operation.  We will have about 60% program services for 2008.  This number will improve each year moving forward.    Please do not hesitate to contact us directly for further clarification or verification.  info@breastcancersociety.org  



I got this call and pledged thinking i was talking to the NBCF (my mistake). When i received the paperwork it looked fishy so i decided to investigate. The address for this society has at least one other non-profit (CHILDRENS DISASTER RELIEF INC) and a power washing company (ReynBros Powerwashing) registered at it. The domain name is registered by a proxy. The society is run by JAMES T REYNOLDS whose name comes up with a number of other, equally difficult to research, non-profits.

Mr. Reynolds has been posting personally in other forums questioning the legitimacy of his non-profit trying to alleviate doubt.

Considering the tactics of their fundraising company, the fact that thay have never filed an IRS 990 (he says they will this year), the fact that this is run from a residence (he says to reduced overhead) makes me think that this is, at best, a charity done wrong, or at worst, a complete scam.

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