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Breaking the plain at the goal line.

Quarterback is chased to the sideline @ the ten yard line. Goes airbourne as he crosses the sidline. Before he comes down out of bounds he throws a pass to a receiver in the end zone who catches the pass with his feet inbounds(in the end zone) even though the pass never crossed the plane of the goal line in the field of play. Touchtown or incomplete pass. 

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Interesting scenario. As long as the ball was not thrown when the whole of the ball had crossed the side line, regardless of where the QB was when he threw it, and as long as long as he did not touch out of bounds before he threw the ball, the catch is a legal catch and itshould a touchdown!


I THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

OOOOOPSSSSS. In this scenario, this implies the ball was out bounds during its path to the receiver. Incomplete pass...NO TOUCHDOWN.

Ball was out of bounds therefore no touchdown.

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