Why can't I break lines anymore on questions?

Why can't I break lines anymore on questions?

I can't break lines.









Even with <p> tags.





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The Altruistic Osogreat Lunatic has disabled a large majority of tags and places in which they work in order to make us lemons, spawn of the cookie cutter, sheep unable to express their deepest desires in print.

A haiku primer
You can still do this, you see
check HTML

But not many work.

Gratitude as a discipline involves a conscious choice.....* Victims of circumstance owe it to fate. Victims of choice owe it to themselves.*One of the widest gaps in human experience is the gap between what we say we want to be and our willingness to discipline ourselves to get there.

Leftists covet the meaningless drivel that leftists post.  If it has a meaning, leftists are terrified of it and react hatefully.

Realize that leftists have always been meaningless and shall always remain meaningless.

The only meaning leftists can acheive is violent crime, that gets them noticed during their trial and conviction, and maybe people will set up picnics outside the prison gates to celebrate the criminal's death, but outside of that leftists have absolutely meaning at all.

Leftist liberals will always be meaningless. They commit violence to be noticed for awhile but after we execute them, who cares?

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Thanks I Got The Answer http://ahangbaz.org

Questions for me re aol error message while loading a file

Hi Lil: So I can better assist you, could you please provide me with additional information? Thank you.

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Who the hell cares? Seriously. The UN is virtually useless. No one pays any attention to anything they say, and by the time they finish discussing something and writing a sternly worded letter, a war could be over and done. They used to be important. Now they're just impotent.