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Kellogg's Krumbles -- When was the cereal discontinued? Is it the same as All Bran? They look similar.

Kellogg's Krumbles -- When was the cereal discontinued?  Is it the same as All Bran?  They look similar.

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I suppose it did not pick the market, so they discontinued it.

It was not a bad product though.

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I just read on the Kellogg's web site that it was discontinued in 1972 due to the new popularity of FROSTED MINI WHEATS. I just know that I loved this cereal even as a child and had it in my cupboard untill it was discontinued.  Sure wish they'de bring it back.

All Bran definitely is not the same as Krumbles!  I loved Krumbles growing up and I would certainly continue buying it if it were available....I too hope that some day Kellogg brings it back.

I loved Krumbles from the day I was born until they discontinued it in 1972.  It was tiny strips of whole wheat, nothing like All-bran.  I guess it was replaced by all the sugary cereals that were so popular in the 1970's.

I remember eating this cereal every day. I loved the tast of it and would surely buy it today if it were back on the market. I've told my wife many times about it and she can't believe that I talk about it all the time. I can remember how it tasted as if it were yesterday.

Loved Krunbles it tasted so great.  No sugar and All Bran is nothing like Krumbles.  It was always in our house, ate it almost every day.  Was very disappointed when Kellogg's took it off the market.  I also wish they would consider bringing it back.

I miss Krumbles which was also my favorite as a child. It was the best. Now, I cannot find Grape Nuts Flakes in the store.  Had to order the cereal on-line!!

Love it if you brought back Krumbles. Perhaps by re-introducing it as a healthy choice, which it is, It might gain a new following.
I was waxing nostalgia with friends, awhile ago and the subject of this cereal came up.  Most everyone remembered and liked it.  Why'd they (you) kill a good thing? 
If you do decide to re- acquaint people to this product, don't change the recipe (the way they did with Grape Nuts).
Do a test marketing and see!

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