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My 1994 chevy 1500 silverado has an issue with the ...

my 1994 chevy 1500 silverado has an issue with the front left brake. it drags for no apparent reason while i'm driving so bad at times that it smokes and smells really bad. i have changed the calipers,twice, brake booster, once, brake pads,twice, rotor, twice. i cant seem to find the problem plaese help

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The first thing you should do is flush the break lines. There is also a regulator on the booster that you may not have replaced.

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your left rubber brake line is clogged remove and replaced

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I actually had this problem once on a '69 VW. It turned out that the inside wall of the brake hose had collapsed. The collapse reduced the inside diameter of the hose significantly so that when I stepped on the brake the brake got the fluid supply as usual since I forced the fluid past the restriction but when I released the pedal the fluid would not drain back into the hose because the restriction was too small to allow it. The fluid coming back out of the caliper and to the hose is not of a sufficient pressure to overcome the small opening in the hose. The result is much of the fluid pressure remains in the caliper causing the pads to continue to rub or drag against the rotor building up heat in the rotor, pads and caliper. As a rule, I now replace brake hoses on my cars whenever I need to rebuild the brakes replacing pads, caliper and replacing or machining (truing) the rotor. The hoses do fail eventually. Replace the hose.

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