Can you brainstorm some ideas for a new web application ?

Let's explore your wildest creativity and ideas, Which service or web app you would like to have created to help you work better or have fun... 

Games, Office related, Travel, Music, Video, Movies, Community, Family, Pictures.

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Dendrimer-based ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane can effectively retain a variety of salts, such as sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate, retention rate reaches 92%, in particular sodium sulphate, up to 98%. The membrane has high flux, and low operating pressure. Water flux ...


Mike Dykes aka Rocmike is an amazing man. He's dead yet he's still posting. He has posted under Renner and Harley Spirit. Both of these names go to his Facebook profile page. He is the first dead person that I have seen post. He also posted under Nameless, Who, anonymous and Snicker anonymous. You ...

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Steve sounds interesting (I've studied Creative Thinking too). However, I wanted to make you aware that I think your comments are misdirected. I suspect you intended that to go to the writers on whatever web page you were on. No fault of yours, that web site was "YEDDA powered". Therefore it ...

I need some ideas for my web show that i'm making. any good ones would

well my school nurse has some chikens and thay dont eat some things so me and my friend evertime we see her we go piky piky pick pick you could also do a thing ware you have hair brushes and sing a song by a person you hate and go thats how it is dun to make fun of them hope i helped