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What does the brain teaser GI ________________ CCCC CCCC CCCC (GI over 12 cc's)

What does the brain teaser






(GI over 12 cc's)

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Asked: Looking for an old brain teaser

brain teaser about 30 years ago I worked a brain teaser that had to do with the following walla walla, puka puka and shila shala something about who was lieing the shila shala or the puka puka or the ...

Asked: What is the answer to the brain teaser there was a ...

what is the answer to the brain teaser there was a train wreck, all 85 people on the train were uninjured, but 2 were dead.

Asked: What does house over stove mean

What does house over stove mean

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How do you tease your brain?

The brain, like any muscle, is "use it or loose it". So give your brain daily exercises (to stimulate it): Puzzles, sudoku, crosswords, books, jigsaws, debates, lectures, learn new stuff, play bridge / chess, solve math exercises, do memory exercises, ...... just few to mention.

If you have a brain injury and this leads to a ...

Yes, I would get a plan together and document what you can when you speak to a personal injury attorney.

They say that the brain deteriorates as we grow ...

The brain loses volume as we age and that is when age related cogntive decline sets in. It has been well known in rehabilitative psychology that cognitive stimulation helps stengthen synapses and helps up regulate neurotransmitters. However, the brain has its limits. Research also indicates ...

How much of our brain are we using?

I think the consensus is that most of us use %10 or less, and that Einstein and his ilk probably use about %17...but recent findings about "brain plasticity" show why that may be so...it would seem at first that "the balance" is wasted, but it seems to me it's there as a sort of "back up" when areas ...