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How do you braid your own Bull rope?

I can assist anyone on methods and techniques of bullrope braiding. This instruction is complete but will take more time an effort than is possible in this forum ...please contact me cowboykelly@gmail.com

Good Luck

Cowboyu Kelly

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Bullrope Braider69

Wow this guy really nows his braiding and better yet he is able to instruct it and teach. What a Master!!! I have already started to make money by braiding steer ropes and it cost me next to nothing to learn how. Thanks COWBOY KELLY

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Spurlouck Woody (thinks this answer is Helpful) I have had the same experiences I too tried the Bill Croft deal and found it to be BULL SHOT. I found the same great braiding informationas you mentioned by CowboyKelly@gmail.com. I purchased a few of his bullrope braiding dvd's and they are made so a new guy can learn and a seasoned braid can learn better techniques. He also has written instructions with pictures and illustrations....if he will release them to everyone i do not know. If you want a custom bullrope please contact me!! Spurlouckwoody@gmail.com

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