Brady and Gisele engaged!!

Tom Brady proposed to Gisele on a private jet on Christmas eve! (and of course she said yes!) Do you think they are a strong enough couple to fight the bad luck of celebrity marriages?!? Will this new enagement affect their popularity and professional lives?

Brady and Gisele engaged!!

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I think that sports stars can choose whether they want the celeb lifestyle or not and if they choose it then they have to take the good with the bad.  They do make a good couple!

They are more famous together than they were apart so i guess marriage will increase their popularity as everyone loves to follow a love story.

the juicier the better

Am I the only straight guy in America who just doesn't think Giselle is attractive?

I look at the other "super" models (Marissa Miller, Adriana Lima and the like) and I see curves! and sexiness. I look at Giselle and I kind of see a horse face looking... guy in drag! I'm really not being a hater, I'm really just wondering, does anyone else just not get her?

Does it matter what anyone thinks?  Their relationship belongs to them - why is it that celebrities have to be subjected to the opinions of everyone on the planet before they are deemed able to make their own life decisions?  It's time to reel in the telescopes, people - worry about yourselves.

I think she is one ugly lady. . . just my opinion.

Who knows theirs might turn out successful and blessed.. And it depends on them if they allow bad luck to reflect in their marriage and professional life..

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