Bradford Pear Tree berries

i have a dog, (lab). everytime i let her outside to do her business, she will eat the berries that have fallen on the ground. the tree is a bradford pear tree.  are these berries poisonous?  i need to know if these berries will harm my dog in anyway. thanks!




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i looked it up and haven't found anything saying they are poison ,but  i would still be careful letting your dog eat them , keep an eye on her/him and make sure there is no symptoms of  poisoning some other things such as grapes,  onions are poisonous to dogs and certain nuts , if he shows any symptoms call a vet .

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I have a Pug that we caught eating these berries off the bradford pear. I don't know if it caused it or not, but three days later, she had a stroke. I read on another sight that when the berries mix with stomach acids, they form cyanide. So I haven't found out for sure yet if it was the cause of the stroke or not.

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