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How to convert boys shoe size to women's shoe size? Nike shoes i wear a 5 in youth boys so wut do i wear in Womens??

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If boys' shoes covert the same way men's shoes covert, then you'd be a size 7 in girls. Men's sizes are around 2 sizes smaller than women's. When it doubt, go into any store that sells shoes and try on a couple different sizes to confirm the number.

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if a kids trainers are 2.5Y (USA) what size would they be in UK womens

I wear a size 5 in youth........ 7 in women's

A boys or youth size five is a women's size six and a half.

A childs size 6 is comparible to a womens size 7 ... now if a women wears a size 7 then in boys shoes she would wear a size 5 .. this is what I've been told for over 25 years now ... children dont have diff sizes between boys and girls ... the size chart differs once it reaches size 7 and above for adult shoes ... and adult sizes start @ size 7 ... jus because an adult goes and buys a size 5 shoe does NOT make that size an adult size PERIOD !!

add 2 to the size in boys to get womens

ex: 4 in boys is 6 in womens


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