My boyfriend told me his ex. was better in bed!!!

I am dating a man, 7 yrs older than me, who just got out of a serious 5 yr relationship. We have been together about one year. He tells me that i am the one but all he talks about is the ex-girl. One night he mentioned that she was mind-blowing in bed and that they had constant tantric sex a lot. He tells me later, once he can tell im pissed, that i am "good" in bed too, but we have never had tantric sex, and i have even mentioned we should do it. I do love i him but do u think that he will get over his ex? They broke up cuz she was cheating on him so he talks bad about her alot also. He serioulsy killed my sex drive with him cuz all i think about is the ex, and how i probably wont stand a chance to her amazing techniques. Should I continue to date him if he isnt into me as much as he was with her?

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Your boyfriend is an ass. A wise man would communicate with you, tell you what he wants and show you. Only a complete moron would say oh, my ex was so good in bed. Talk about a mood killer. Not to mention inconsiderate, insensitive and really stupid.

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Short and sweet. There can be no promise of a solid and stable relationship when three people get into bed; you two and his virtual ex.

I think you would be better off without him if he feels that way that his ex is better than you. Get the he-- out while you can and dont look back as there are better men out there for you as one who loves you and cares about your feelings so move on as you are a pice of meat to him.

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Hello. I think that he is still with her emotionally. Because if she didnt cheat then they would still be together. I think you should talk to him about the issues with his ex. And anyway why would he tell you how she is in bed? That crossing the line. If he moved on then he wouldnt tell you about there old sex life.Talk and if hes not on board girl walk away. He is suppose to build u up as a woman not break you down...Good luck

i agree with everyone here.he is being rude and you have the right to let him is typical to leave the ex talk behind when entering a new relationship,espesially the sex part!feel free to show him all these responses on this supportive sight.

Thank all of u so much  have really opened my eyes to whaat i need to do.... I appreciate all ur answers.

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