I live with my boyfriend and have been with him ...

I live with my boyfriend and have been with him almost two years. I recently found out by his family that he is still married and he never went to the military like he said. his everyday attitude is very sarcastic and condesending. I found a txt on his cell talking to his sons mom telling her he still loves her and if he had the opportunity to do her he would. when i confronted him he said im always trying to look for problems and that he wasnt going to aplogize because he didnt mean any harm towards me that was a revenge thing he has going on. told me he was also didnt care to meet my family. his family told me to leave him and my family told me that as well. but i love him so i dont know what to do ?. please be honest and give some help please

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I'm not in the position to say this but it think your partner is a BIG LIAR. Leave him and look for someone who deserves your time and love.

You already know that he is a liar. You know he is married and still going after his wife. You know he is condescending and sarcastic (meaning that he will not discuss this with you truthfully). What more do you want? How can we help you if you will not help yourself?

You want honesty, you got it.

If you stay with this crumb, you are making a huge mistake. You already know what a lowlife he is. He doesn't respect you. Even his family knows what a creep he is. Open your eyes and get as far away as you can. And don't look back.

thank you for your honesty, I feel like im in a abusive relationship maybe not physically but emotionally. Its hard when he switches things around and makes me feel bad. I have the support of my family and your support its time to move on.

Girlfriend - you've been given a lucky break - so take it with both arms and embrace it. You can do so much better than him, I promise. You'll eventually find someone worthy of your attentions who you can trust and build a wonderful future with. You sound like a great person whose only fault has to have been too trusting to someone not deserving of your trust.

You're very lucky you didn't find everything out when it was too late and possibly children were involved. You've been given a lucky break - so make the most of it and enjoy your life, have fun with friends, persue your interests and career and when the time is right - you'll find that special someone.

This experience although horrible right now, will help you in some way in the future to be stronger and/or help someone so it's not wasted.

Go away with a girlfriend, have some fun and don't look back.... your future is bright.


Big Hugs  xxx

I think you have major issues that make it impossible to know the difference between a good relationship and a destructive one.  You can't love someone who has lied to you  simply because you can't possibly know who they are.  If any mate in any relationship fails to build you up, then it is not a good relationship worth having.  Love yourself and leave that loser behind.

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