Boy problems!

There is this boy i really like. I thinks he likes me too but neither of us have ever had the courage to express our feelings and everbody knows we like eachother but im not cool and he is so we have to ac like we hate each other. I am 12 years old an i have liked him since i first met him in 1st grade {im now in 6th}. At the end of third grade, he moved to a different school and i became homeschooled. I barely ever see him anymore. Sometimes he comes over to a girl that lives next to me's house because their parents are friends. It really upsets me. Sometimes i cry and i try to make myself think that i was just meant for someone else but it does not work.Please tell me what to do!!

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okay so i liked this boy and he liked me and then he moved away and i was so desparate that I wrote mi name and phone number in his year book and this was in 4TH grade. So in eigth grade he called me  and I answered and I was like hello and he was like Kristen and I was like NICK!!! and it turns out that he moved back and we became really good friends. But we aren't going out because he has a girlfriend and offense to him but i dont think hes dateable lolzWink If its meant to happen it will happen but if it doesn't forget Ik ur like yeah right. BUt trust me there are much hotter guys out there u just got to let ur mind wonder out of ur guys world and travel into some other guys world

believe me lolz i hope it works out Laughing

sometimes its best to just tell yourself that things will never work out and move on. but in this case you need to tell yourself that you are only 12. im 16 rite now and i thought i fell in love with this boy. all of my friends were in love and i wanted to be too. then all of my friends and their boyfriends broke up and i was happy because i was the only one who didnt have to put up with any guy stuff. so just tell yourself your too young and it wouldnt last more than a week anyways. there are no such things as stereotypes either. i thought i was not cool all through jr. high and now no one thinks anything of it. im friends with everyone. if he dont talk to you because it might ruin his reputation than thats a sign he thinks hes better than you and he doesnt really like you.

no guy is worth your t3aR$. The one who is wont make you [rY. <3

Your   way  too  young  to  date  anyone , Really  wait  4 more years  which   is   usually   the   proper   age  two  couples  can   start  dating

Hey  but   it  would  not  hurt  to  be  great  friends  with him  And  remember   when  things  seem   impossible  , You  may want  consult  with  a  school  counselor  and /or  maybe  a  teacher  but  make    sure   they  are   a  female ,  No males  unless  he is  your  dad 

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Hi hunny,

You are still so young and I promise you that you have so much relationship future ahead of you Smile. It's very rare that two people who are meant to be, meet at your age. That being said, it doesn't mean that there may not be something between the two of you. Next time you see him in the area, take a chance and go out and say hello. In todays world, girls can make the first move if they want!!

I love your quote, to start off.  Look, I think that it's just a matter of being outright and asking him if he wants to get togther and hang out over the weekend.  Go have fun together and spend time together.  Who cares what anyone else thinks about anything.  Tell him that you miss him, and that it makes you sad when you see him at your neighbor's house.  Spend time and see if the two of you see the sparks.  I wish you luck!

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The 2 of you are obviously not compatible. Take this time to step away from him and get over him. Don't take his calls,texts,emails..have nothing to do with him and move on. You will be better off without him in the end.

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