Boy---they're turning themselves inside out to ...

Boy---they're turning themselves inside out to vilify the Occupiers---aren't they? How frickin' stupid and pathetic is this?

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Is it true that boys tease u if they like u???

yeah im a guy, but i matured fast couse most of my family was females xP


i thought i was bad about talking to myself, but i don't think i ever answered myself :) but yes you answered yourself correctly. Ask him if he likes you and yes you should go out and become friends first and don't get serious right away.

Freaking boys and always being CORRECT! so they think.

because they are stubborn asses duh. haha.

I would like to know...about boys

Hey Rez I am sitting here with my 14 year old son and I asked him what would attract him to a girl. Here is his exact answer. 1 I don't know 2 The way they act. They are fun. 3 They are outgoing and not shy around his friends. Now you have an honest answer straight from the horses mouth!