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Asked: What books are you reading during the summer?

Do you plan a list of special summer reading?

Asked: How Many Books?

Do you keep track of how many books you have read so far? I don't but I think it would be quite interesting to hear some statistics, even if they are just estimated.

Asked: Book Store Online

Any reliable book store online in the UK?

Asked: Who said Some men think they are not well in ...

who said Some men think they are not well in spring, or summer, or autumn, or winter, it is only because they are not well in themselves

Asked: Have you read 'Siddhartha' Hermann Hesse?

I never thought novel can have an effect on you until i read this novel. I even started writing here are my blogs

Asked: Books about japan & japanese culture?

Hi everyone! I'm looking for some interesting, well-made books(possibly not travel guides)concerning japanese culture and travels to japan. MAybe some novels on the subj too!Thanx

Asked: Looking for a creepy book I read as a child...?

When I was young, I was always in love with this rather creepy children's book. It was the story of this thing that was building itself a body. The book takes you through the places that this thing ...

Asked: What is the book "The Hoosegow Chronicles" about?

The Hoosegow Chronicles