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Asked: What books are you reading during the summer?

Do you plan a list of special summer reading?

Asked: How Many Books?

Do you keep track of how many books you have read so far? I don't but I think it would be quite interesting to hear some statistics, even if they are just estimated.

Asked: Needing a book suggestion

I am looking for a book for inner city high school students about a character's "evolution". About how they were forced to adapt to new circumstances. Suggestions?

Asked: Online book store

Which is the best online book store in the UK?

Asked: Book Store Online

Any reliable book store online in the UK?

Asked: Sleepwalk w/ Me: and Other Painfully True Stories

When will Sleepwalk with Me: and Other Painfully True Stories be sold in paperback?

Asked: I'm looking for the name of a fictional ...

I'm looking for the name of a fictional detective/adventurer who was also an antiques and art dealer. There was a series of books about this character. I remember neither the charcter's name nor the ...

Asked: How do you write?

Do you like writing in a girl's perspective, boys perspective, or in 3rd person and WHY?