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Computer vs books: whose the best references

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It does not matter if the reference is a book or the computer what does matters is who wrote it and how reliable the author is.  One can publish a book and write all kind of nonsense in it..... and one can do the same in a site.... 
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It is much eaier to access the information you need by computer But if you need in-depth information, allow the computer to direct to the sources you need at the library.

Both have their place and I agree with Oron that it's the quality of the information that counts most - not where you source it from. Computers are more convenient for most of us though

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Assuming that the quality of both sources is the same, and you do have a relevant book near at hand, the book will always be the obvious choice. There isn't a scientific study anywhere that says you can find reference information faster on a computer than a book.

But you don't need to be a scientist to prove that to yourself. Put a dictionary in front of you and track the time it takes to look up "sesquipedalian". I can guarantee that you'll find the definition faster in your paper dictionary than it'll take you to even find an online dictionary.  You'll probably find it faster than you can even type in the word on your computer!

(The word means "using excessively long words", by the way.) 

The only counter-argument I can think of is that you might not have a relevant book. But that's a different question. That would be "computer vs. no books". I think we can all figure that one out! Wink

How do you think book knowledge and computer knowledge compare

when teaching children spelling, grammar, and math?

I think the difference between a computers and a book is that a computer has in soft copy yet abook has it in hard copy.Though computer are said to have a biger capacity of storing more data than books.

Secondly one can edit data in a computer much easilir than in with a book

Computers have more applications compared to books.

My vote goes to computers.

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