The Book of Psalms is called "The Book of Psalms" written by King David and the book of Numbers is called "The Book of Numbers" written by Moses.  Both are in the Old Testament but different Books.

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Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, form the basis of thought for western civilization: our Judeo-Christian work ethic found in these priceless works has made us prosperous. 


The New Testament illumines, but does not supplant, these teachings.  In these priceless works we see the way to Heaven made clear, the tricks of the devil disclosed, and the way to peace well paved. 


The better we adhere to the teachings in these books, the better we prosper as a people, a nation, and the friend of the civilized world. 


There are those who would eliminate all wholesome teaching because it gets in the way of their profiteering little gambits, but these lessons are here for our benefit and we are ahead to heed them very well.

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In Numbers are recorded God's direction to the Hebrews, their dealings with Philistines, Caananites, and others, the victory of God, and the defeat of evil.  So it has always been: God ALWAYS wins, and we win when we work with Him.


There have always been bitter people who hate all that is proper, good, or wise.  They hope to disobey God by games and lies but they find out eventually that there is a bitter and infinite price for such rebellion.


God always gives the defeated enemy a chance to be redeemed.  Such is the benevolence of God, and such is the bitterness of all who stand against Him -- or His annointed.

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