Can bones melt in any temp[ fire?

Was watching tv show Bones and in this epsiode. kept saying that bones don't melt in fires . is that true. they cannot melt at any temp flames? also magnesium needs to be wet to ingite is this true, cause herd that magnesium thought make spaks wet or dry.?

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Not all materials melt !.  Take a simple paper you won't be able to melt it (even if you raise the temperature higher and higher you'll not melt it, at most you'll burn / ignite it).  Such materials are defines as "Thermosetics" (I am not sure about the spelling).  Yes, true, bones do not melt as well !. 

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Bones don't melt, but they can burn. Otherwise people wouldn't get cremated. You just need a very high temperature to burn bones.

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MTK is right, the bone will turn to ashes and still tiny bits of bone will be left, but the heat is extremely high, one of my husbands was cremated, but I helped with a cop that lived near me to clean his gear after 9/11 "The Twin Towers", at the time I didn't realize it was the ashes of the lost..


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     This is mainly for all you  that enjoy making believe that we are now safe and bullet proof. All that do not think your way are called "Right Wing Extremists", and paranoid, did you ever think that you may be the ones that are living in a bubble, that you are in denial as for the fact that this country is ready for another hit, and in denial of what happened in the "Holocaust", and "The World Trade Center", some of us can still tell you how it looked and the smell, and how we helped that day! You see some of us live here and had people that were in the Towers, we also, lost, we helped the cops, so many things that day are burnt into my head.

     I walked through the Towers a few times a week, people used to hang out at lunch time, they had free concerts there, you talked to people that you didn't even know, that dad you helped people that you didn't know. My niece lost her uncle in the first hit, never found any of him the high heat even bone turns to ash. A friend and I would clean this cop that lived near us, his gear when he came home from the site, what we thought was gray and black ash was what was left of people, see he was looking for any remains for DNA, and the poor guy could hardly move was so exhausted from double shifts.
     Now to me, see I had to get my sons fiancee, he's passed away and she is like my daughter, but back to Gin, had to get her out of a lock down Government building, and the local phones did not work right, her mom was keeping people out of the city and was stationed on the Brooklyn Bridge, I could not reach her, and when she finally was able to get to me she had to met me half way.
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     You best pray that we don't get hit, but the time is coming, and we are not safe!
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Delilah cut Sampson's hair and forced him into servitude and demise, powerful is woman, strong and vigilant, she brought her men off battlefields to carry them on her back to safety or to burial

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