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Bonanza Series-Hoss Cartwright character

In which Bonanza episode did they reveal that Hoss had died ?

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According to my sources, there was no episode where they actually explained Hoss' disappearance from the show.  In the last season, there was an episode where Little Joe gets married, and in a scene at a lake, Joe speaks of Hoss in the past tense.  But that was all.

This was not uncommon on television back then.  The loss of a cast member was usually swept under the rug.

In the sequel series, Bonanza The Next Generation, it is explained that Hoss died while trying to get a wagon across a river.

I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

Blocker died in May 1972 and his last appearance was in "One Ace To Many" which was the last episode of that season. The next episode is called "Forever" which aired in September 1972 so that's my best guess.

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Hoss was mentioned in the first episode of the last season of Bonanza. If I remember correctly, he mentioned how much he loved his brother. Joe's new wife was killed later, and it was rumored this twist in the plot finished Bonanza. Hoss was a beloved character and the show was never the same. Dan Blocker's death was rather sudden, and was very big news at the time.

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Below is a plot summary of "Forever" and based on this I think Earl is right. It seems like they would have mentioned Hoss's death if it had been a part of the show's plot. Season 14, Episode 1: Forever Original Air Date—12 September 1972

Little Joe finds true love in newcomer Alice Harper. Following a courtship, the two are engaged. Unlike most of the Cartwrights' previous girlfriends, Alice makes it to the altar. Joe and Alice are starting their new life together, and she soon becomes pregnant. Alas, their life together is doomed. Alice's indolent brother owes money to a ruthless professional gambler named Sloan and has not repaid him. One day while Joe is gone, Sloan and his gang - with John at gunpoint - visit Alice to collect the money. When she refuses to cooperate, Sloan's hired muscle, Mr. Hanley, brutally beats Alice to death. Then, to cover up the murder, they burn the house down. Joe, along with Ben and Jamie, return to find - to his horror - his entire world crashing down in flames. Joe decides he needs "a little time away" to grieve over his wife's death, but then stumbles across a couple who have the music box he gave Alice as a present (and was subsequently taken by Sloan). Joe recruits Candy to help him track down Sloan and his gang and bring them to justice.
"I've heard you're a low down yankee liar!"

I believe there is an episode (sorry I can't recall the name or even the plot synopsis) where Ben Cartwright makes a statement to someone that he isn't ready to lose another son.  At the close of the episode they show a picture of Dan Blocker (as Hoss) sitting on a dresser.  I'm an avid fan of the series.  Love this show!

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