How to build a chlorine bomb?

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take a bottle fill half of it  with chlorine and mix it with ammonia. (found in most  home cleaning products)

where can i find chlorine?

and supose i've found one

does economica should do the trick of the amunia?

economic is mostly chlorine.

it will work great with your ammonia (did you find any at home ?)

WARNING: you better try first doing the abovr useing small amounts.

not actualy..

do you know of a certain product that contains amonia (a name..)?

and thanks for your help so far

usually you will find it in toilet cleaners, you can also notice a warning about mixing with other materials especially active chlorine.

a 2liter bottle

aluminum foil

and tolit boll cleaner clled "the works"

put about 20 gumball size alluminum foil balls into the bottle,add a little of the works about 1 cup,,thenput the cap on and shake it 5 times and throw it,,you'll start to hear a popping sound then it will go booooooooooooooooom,,the cops might even come,if u stand to close the liquid from it would burn through your skin

Just take equal amounts of Chlorine, milk and sugar. Put them all into a bottle, shake it and...RUN!!!

 WARNING: Do NOT use too much of the ingredients.

I'm not sure how to make a chlorine bomb but I know a site which provides good blasting equipment .

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