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Boler Trailer - 1975

Does anyone know what a 1975, 13ft, Boler trailer would be worth today?

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Good morning. The condition of your trailer has everything to do with the value. Judge it fairly as if you were buying it for yourself. What is it worth to you? I won't put a price on the unit but try to get some feed back from the folks at vintagetrailer.com You should get a good idea from the people there. Best regards, Doug


The trailer is in great condition.  It hasn't been used in about 20 years and it has been in a garage protected from the eliments all that time.  Any ideas on value?


Good morning once again! 20 yrs. in storage means the tires are shot, plus the wheel bearings need to be repacked for starters. I'm still not going to guess a price as I'm not familiar with your brand of trailer, except to say I have seen a couple of them at rallies. Try vintageshastatrailers.com These folks cover more than just Shastas & they are very knownledgable Again hope this helps you. Best regards, Doug...Oh ... let me know if they helped.

And yet again, Sorry... I gave you wrong site...should be vintageshastaclub.com   Doug

I just purchased a 1975 Boler trailer this summer.  I found a great site called Bolerama in Canada who has helped me a lot.  I'm trying to find a Owners Manual - anyone know where I can get one or do you have one I can copy?  Also, is there a site here in the U.S. where people chat about their Bolers? I'm a single gramme who need all the help she can get to give my grandchildren many exciting adventures camping. Thanks to anyone who can help me!

I have a '72 13' Boler, and it's in nice condition.  She needs a new coat of paint, and I am in that process right now. I would not consider any offer less than 3K USD cash.  This is the sweetest way to camp, travel, or have a spare room, playhouse (no matter WHAT your age!), or mini-retreat area. 

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