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Was this board always filled with offensive and abusive contributors? Maybe it was the same on the old boards as well? I never used to go there, so can't judge for myself.

Where's Nurse Ratched when you need her?

Nurse Ratched





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Harley Spirit Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

It looks like the word is out on Phys.  Must be a hunderd folks proved only atheists burn crosses and wear white KKK robes.  Typical atheists all do that.  That is why they all lie about it, cause they are too stupid to tell the truth.


Why do atheists think sane people buy their racist games and believe their hair brain threats?


Just look over your shoulder, for nurse Rached, Phys.  She or some body just like her has a needle full of drugs to calm you down the next time you tell every atheist you know to get into a white sheet and show up for a cross burning.


No body does that but atheists.

Anonymous Comment

Dear Hurley Spurt and your dozen other hemaphrodite identities:


You have nothing to say that is in any way instructive or informative. You just a malevolent, squatting toad..... Hang on - the spell checker kicked in, it seems to think that should be spelled 't-u-r-d'.  It's probably correct.

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