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BNT for Dog ear infection

My dog is being treated for chronic ear infections (bacterial and yeast.)  Yesterday my vet gave her applications of something called BNT (as stated on the receipt.)  Today the dog is less active than usual.  What is BNT? Does it have side effects? Could her listlessness be related to the treatments?

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Hello Sing, I feel for you my lab has the same cronic problem. He has had it for the past 4 yrs. My vet gives us a foaming ear cleanser and Otomax cream 8-10 drops  in each ear twice daily for ten days. Im sorry not to be of much help with the BNTbut I can tell you my breeder swears by this mixture 160z of Isopropyl, 4 tablespoons Boric Acid  Powder, 16 drops of Gentian Violet Solution. Mix all ingredients in the alcohol bottle and shake well (you may need to pour out a little alcohol so it will all fit) Be sure to shake well before each use. Put it in a small squirt botlle for use on his or her ears. Flood ear with solution and massage gently for 60 secondsand wipe with large cotton ball. Flood a second time and just wipe without massaging. Dog will shake excess out. Schedule: 2x a day for the first two weeks and then 1x a day for the next two weeks. Hope this helps it helps my lab . I have tried all the vet products but this one does the trick. Good Luck, I know how frustrating this can be. All these products can be purchased at a pharmacy. The boric acid soothes the ear and the gentian Violet is an anti- infection agent. If you have trouble finding the Gentian Violet look on line. Gentian is the same purple stuff they put on babies belly buttons! One vet reported a 95%-99% success rate . This is great for the fungus you are having trouble with. I looked everywhere for your BNT but have found no info.


really liz? very important and useful information

thank you very much

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I have to say first why haven't you asked your vet???  I have used otomax for years and it only controlled the bacterial and yeast infection in my dog.  BNT is a mix of antibiotic and anti-fungal in a lanolin base.  It's pretty much the same active ingredient thats in otomax.  The lanolin holds the medication in place longer and allows it to work better.  One application cures my dogs ears for about a year.

BNT is a combination of Enrofloxacin, Ketoconazole, and Triamcinolone.  Each
component of the BNT serves a different function:

•        Enrofloxacin treats the bacterial infection.
•        Ketoconazole helps prevent fungal growth secondary to antibiotic         treatment.
•        Triamcinolone helps reduce inflammation.

Hello, everyone. I heard some horrible news recently and thought I would share this with you. Someone told me that she knew someone who had a pet that was treated with an ear medication called BNT and that the animal had to be put to sleep a few weeks later due to a very bad reaction. It appears that it was a reaction to the medication that was instilled in the pet's ear. BNT is a compounded medication which consists of Enrofloxacin (Baytril), Ketoconazole (an anti-fungal), and Triamcinolone (an anti-inflammatory) that is lanolin based. Several cats have died from having been treated with this particular medication and many have reportedly had to have very expensive ear surgery to remove part of the inner ear (cost is about $2,000 to $4,000 for the surgery for each cat). I looked it up online and it is manufactured by BCP out of Houston, Texas.

Hello.  Our blind dog, who had great hearing prior to getting the dose of BNT, is now almost deaf.  He has lost all sense of direction and can't tell where you are when you call him.  He was fine prior to getting the BNT injection in his ears.  He's a cocker spaniel and his ears were infected after using Otomax for quite some time.  Has anyone else heard of deafness being a side effect of BNT?  We could sure use some help here.  Thanks!  Beth

It is really appalling that prescription ear drops for dogs can be allowed to have these side effects. No one wants their dog to be made more sick or to become deaf from using dog ear treatment to control ear yeast infection or to get rid of ear mites. Go natural and safe. We control chronic ear infections with regular dog ear treatment from drdogs247.com called Dr Dogs Ear Oil - it does the job, wish I knew about it a long time ago though because actually my dog has already become deaf - from recurring ear infections or from the prescriptions used to help him that have side effect of deafness - it makes me MAD that they can give ear medication that causes animals to become deaf.
The Vet put BNT in my 12 year old labs ears. Only had infection in one ear, but he treated BOTH! did not know why my dog was acting so strange after receiving this treatment. It took until the next morning to realize she was completely deaf. She was scared to death she could not hear anything. I called the vet and he said thats unheard of. after 3 days I took my dog back to the vet and had her ears flushed with saline, and used long qtips to get the Goop out of the ears. she could not hear that night, but the next day she regained about half of her hearing. Today it seems that she still has about half of her hearing. I would not recommend BNT TO ANYONE!!! THERE NO MSDS SHEET AVAILABLE! It comes from a compounding place in Houston. There's no Warnings listed on their site, or given with the treatment! My DOG Would Have Been Totally DEAF Im sure, had I not gotten it out.

same thing happened to us. Our dog is still deaf. I called several times during the 2 wks, they said it was normal. The vet called BNT today, they said it's a rare side effect. We're heartsick. Our dog can't hear and he's very confused. He's 9 and his hearing was perfect before BNT. I'm looking into a lawyer.

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