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Blueberries not ripening

why is my blueberries are not ripening , even though there is plenty of sun .

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Maybe you don't water it more often.It is important for the soil to be moist always.

Plant your own <a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="http://naturalhealthcarereviews.com/general-health/little-giant-blueberry-plants/" class="comlink">little giant blueberry plants</a> .

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market but is best if you plant one.

How do I stop blueberries from falling to the bottom of my cake

Toss them in a bit of flour before adding them to your batter. (You can just put a Tablespoon or so of flour in a bag, then shake the blueberries gently inside the bag until they are lightly coated with the flour.)

How long do can blueberries last?

Is there no expiration date? I'm sorry I do not have an answer for you, but if there is no expiration date, you can open them up and judge them for yourself.

How long does it take to digest blueberries?

Depends how many you eat and how long since your last meal. A basket taken on an empty stomach should be out of your stomach in approx 45 to 60 minutes.