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I found a ring in my mother's jewelry which has the "Blue Star Banner" inlaid in silver. I was curious when it would have been made and if there were many of them. I have questioned some jewelers ...

The blue star mother ring is still around, but yes, they have been being made for years.  I am a member of the Blue Star Mothers. Email me please.

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I am trying to find information about a ring I inherited.  It is a 10K rose gold band with a blue star banner having 3 stars.  The white enamel background is not intact and the ring has clearly been worn.  My mother wore it for years.  I am wondering if having it refurbished would be worth the money or ruin its value.  I would love to have it appraised.  It was appraised by a jeweler at around $150 but I believe that was for the gold value only, no consideration for the historical value.  I believe it was made in the WWI era because it belonged to my grandmother.

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