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How accurate is a blood alcohol test result if it has been taken 6 hours after the person has been deceased?

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I would say pretty accurate... if you're dead body funcyions come to a halt... the blood would remain at the same BAC level as prior to death...

It is what it is:)

Thanks for your answer. Are you some sort of professional in the field? My husband died in a one vehicle (work). They think he was there for about 6 hours until found. Thean they took the tests. All 3 levels were the same number. But his body was saoked with gasoline too. Could that enter the bloodstream through his wounds and creat a inaccurate reading? Now of course they refuse workers comp.

No I am not a professional but I took anatomy in college... and when a person diesthe body instantly shuts down... thats why they say things like pre or post mordem... meaning caused before or after death... and if they took three seperate test and all turned the same... gasoline would not have entered his blood stream... even if it did... it would not have been able to ciculate thru the body... he was dead... good luck with what you are looking for

It is what it is:)

Thanks so much, take care

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