Why did my oxford knee replacement come loose just ...

Why did my oxford knee replacement come loose just after two years, it is slanted in the xray. Why was I never out of pain? 95% of these are in place 15 years later, what happened to mine ?I did all of the therapy and then some extra. It always seemed crooket when I look down at it.

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Hi Julie, 

As an Orthopedic surgeon I can tell you that improper technique could be a reason for it to have loosened. While doing partial knee replacements the surgeon should be selective in not choosing cases with a varus deformity exceeding 15 degrees. Intact ACL and moderate weight are other criteria for a partial knee replacement. The surgeon should take care to preserve the inner ligament of the knee as sacrificing it inadvertently might lead to over correction and arthritis in the opposite compartment of the knee. 



I had knee surgery March 3rd of last year.Its been 6months after all my therapy and i am in horrendous pain.After the 3rd visit with my surgeon,he informed that both knees have to be done all over again,He told me that the plastic piece they put in between the tibia and the femor is to thin and I am having total instabilty and pain.Double knee replacements in less than a year.I do not believe its the spacers. I personally feel like its a alignment problem.there are 8 spacers to choose from,after 10 yrs of horrendous pain and over use muscles and liagments,I would think the surgeon would have enough experience to know which spacer would be effective.Some doctors use the optimal lower extremity navigational system,some don,t O am now in a battle to prove to myself what really is wrong and will not go through this nightmare again,until I am sure I am comfortable  with my decision. I have requested a 45 min.app.with my Dr.I want my operations records and I want to read them.I am so depressed and don,t know where to turn,went for another opnion at Yale Orthopedics,very little response

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