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How to block phone number on lg 840g?

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There is no app on a TracFone LG840G to block or reject calls or numbers. But there is this work around. You can install a silent mp3 ringtone and assign it to the offending number. Your phone will still display that it received a call, but you won't hear it ring. Here's how: You can create a silent mp3 ringtone with Audacity, a free sound editor. The silent ringtone should be 10 seconds in length, but the file size should be smaller than 300k. Download the silent mp3 to the LG840G SD card, AUDIO folder. Go to SETTINGS/FILE MANAGER/MEMORY CARD/AUDIO - Click on the silent mp3 file name. Click USE AS Ringtone. You can assign this silent ringtone to the offending number. Or you can make the silent ringtone the DEFAULT RINGTONE. Then assign real ringtones to all of your contacts. Then any number not in your contacts list will ring the silent ringtone and not bother you.

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