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Why am i bleeding 2 weeks after my period????

i am a 22 year old female, and have regular periods every 28 days, but this month i am bleeding 2 weeks since my last period and have very bad stomach cramps,i cannot get an appointment in my doctors till Monday,they doctor on the phone advised me to take a pregnancy test but it was negative , what is wrong???

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I wonder why the topic is "psychology." This seems purely medical. There is more than one possible reason for the bleeding; not all possibilities are serious. But if the blood loss seems serious enough, the emergency room is where you need to be. If the blood loss is minimal, a doctor visit is needed. Monday may seem far off, but if the bleeding stops today, Monday might be OK.

You might be pregnant,but you said that it's negative..you should go to the doctor again,to a very good doctor....

ive been trying to get pregnant and had sex on my ovulation day then i started spotting its only been two wks since i had my period.could i be pregnant?

The same thing happened to me yo

that is happening to me now...what should i do?

I had the same problem last month. My period came on the 4th of june lasted it's regular 5 days and later came back on the 21st of june, I had sex a month earlier sometime around May 20-26, but my bf did not cum in me. Around that time I started to wake up every minute during the night to pee and I started losing weight due to stress and lack of eating also due to stress that I could be pregnant. I took the Home Pregnancy Test "4 Times" and every time it said I was not pregnant but I was still stressing. I started to read online blogs to see what other ppl who shared the same situation with me was saying and every where I went it all lead me to believe I was pregnant, Until a friend of mines told me how low the chances of me being pregnant was.
reason #1.- Pre-Cum alone can not get you pregnant 90% of the time
2. My period came on regular after I had sex!
3. I was stressing and stress and malnutrition cause spotting
4. pregnancy test says Negative.
5. Plus me and my mom both had our period 2 times that month.
I ended up getting my period on july 24. I was late because of the stressing!!!!
So ladies please dont stress your self out please!!
& If your not ready for a baby use protection at all times or JUST DON'T HAVE SEX AT ALL!

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