Does everyone bleed their first time?

My friend had sex with her boyfriend. It was her first time, but she didn’t bleed. Now she is upset because her boyfriend doesn’t believe that she was a virgin. It has caused major problems between them. She is feeling really insecure and afraid that he is going to break up with her for “lying,” or spread rumors about her. I have never had sex so I don’t know what to tell her. Does everyone bleed their first time? What can I tell her or her boyfriend to make things better? 

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I mean I'll tell you that I didn't bleed when I lost my virginity.  You should tell her and her boyfriend that women today often don't bleed at all because women do more today than they did in the past.  Women ride bikes, do gymnastics, ride bikes, all things that could break the cherry/hymen.  There is no reason why a boyfriend shouldn't believe his girlfriend just because he doesn't see blood. 

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If the issue of no bleeding in a virgin is that important to the relationship and to her boyfriend, they should make a brief joint appointment with her medical doctor, and ask the same question. This should give impartial assurance. With insurance, the consultation cost should be low.

It is amazing how powerful ignorance is to destroy trust.

Tell your friend that you have asked adults in Yedda, which is a question and answer forum -- if all virgins bleed on their first time  Tell them we all said no, because it is the truth.  You may also want to invite them to Yedda to ask the same question or show them our answers that sothat  he will not spread rumors or feel that his girl is lying because all girls do not experience bleeding the first time around. 

I have provided you a link to a website fwhere the same question was ask.  So let your friend know that you have proof and good luck! 

 Any truth to the rumor?


Is it true that a girl bleeds the first time she has sex?


When women have penetrative sex for the first time it can sometimes be uncomfortable. Some women do bleed a little bit if the hymen (a small piece of thin skin which covers some of the opening of the vagina) is still intact, as it will break the first time they have sexual intercourse. This doesn't happen to all women because the hymen may already have broken before sex, e.g. by using tampons or though sports. 


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I think your friend should tell him he needs a serious lesson in female anatomy.She should print out as much information as she can about the hymen and reproductive organs in general,stick a post-it on top which say's "read this so maybe next time we talk you won't act like such a tool" and then ditch this loser.He has no right to treat her like crap after they've shared such an intimate moment together.He spoiled her first time with his presumptions and that's not something she will ever get to experience again.The hymen can break with use of tampons,gymnastic,riding a horse,masturbation...or sometimes a lady can have sex with her hymen still completely or partially intact and it breaks the next time she has intercourse.She may eventually get him to understand that he's gone and made an ass out of himself,but she will never get another first time and that's really sad.

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not everyone bleeds on their first time. that all depends on the size of what is going in you! tell your friend to build her self esteem. if he doesn't believe her that is his problem. if he leaves her he was never worth her time, if he spreads rumors about her, tell her to tell him that was his size that didn't make her bleed, and if he'd like she can spread that rumor on him. trust me that will crush him morally to reality of not spreading untrue things about her. as for you it's best to stay out of it. because it all just his immaturity. good luck to your friend

not all women bleed. i didn't. that is his ignorance tell your friend to get a back bone and tell him if he doesn't believe her that is his problem. as for you staying out of it is best. if he leaves her he was not worth her time and if he spreads rumors tell her to say it was his size that will shut him up! a real man would not go around saying anything he does with a woman. good luck!

IF a woman bleeds during her first sexual experience, this means that the hymen has been broken. It is NOT a basis of which to judge whether or not she is a virgin. Believe it or not, many women's hymens do not break during their first intercourse. Also, (although not common) the use of tampons, or even a sit that is too hard (like falling directly on the vaginal area) can cause the hymen to tear.

Just because a woman does not bleed during her first intercourse does not mean that she is not a virgin.

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